Who We Are

We are an Independent PAC seeking to protect and promote Judeo/Christian values
through influencing culture and public policy

What We Do

Advocate for conservative values in Muskegon County and speak with a collective conservative voice to current issues

Impact, empower, organize, and develop a network of communication for citizens in Muskegon County

Offer support to: parents, local businesses, police, first responders, and churches

Host live speakers at our gatherings and events, hold board meetings, and offer upcoming political policy information and calls to action

Network with the community, local and state politicians, other counties, and other groups working for similar causes

Provide a calendar of local and state events for conservative causes


Muskegon County Conservative Women’s Caucus (MCCWC) strives to engage conservative women through educating, networking, recruiting, fundraising, and advocating for conservative issues. Our purpose is to collaborate and partner with like-minded women interested in facilitating positive change in our region and areas of influence.

Our Tenets

  • Pro Limited Government
  • Pro Freedom
  • Pro Legal Immigration
  • Pro Education without Indoctrination
  • Pro Law Enforcement
  • Pro Life
  • Pro Family
  • Pro Medical Freedom
  • Pro Constitution & Bill of Rights

Our Story

MCCWC was formed in the summer of 2021 as the culture shifts accelerated following the presidency of Donald J. Trump and as the Covid-19 pandemic continued to rage. As conservative voices across the nation fought to decry the censorship of big tech and be heard, a group of women from different backgrounds and experiences came together to present a united voice of conservative women in Muskegon county. We feel the call of the times to get involved and return to decency, traditional values, and common sense. We look forward to building a coalition and seeing a wave of conservative values sweep Muskegon County.