Conservative Declaration

Conservative Women's Declaration The purpose of this form is to give our group some power and more legitimacy when we are speaking out on issues in our community, when we go to the county commissioner meetings, etc. It shows that our group is well-supported and not just the handful of us on the board, but that we are more than a few. We are many, we have a voice, and we are not to be ignored. Please consider being one of us. Thank you We, the undersigned, are conservative women in Muskegon County who are gravely concerned with the direction our country, state, county, and schools are going. Let it be known that we are: Pro Family Pro Freedom Pro Constitution and Bill of Rights Pro Law Enforcement Pro Legal Immigration Pro Education without Indoctrination Pro Limited Government Pro Medical Freedom Pro 2nd Amendment We stand united against liberal, progressive ideas and the actions to silence us and take away our freedoms. We will NOT be silent any longer but will stand together in unity with our fellow conservative sisters! We will work to get like-minded conservatives into local and state office and on school boards. We will work together to fight for our freedom! If you agree with this, please sign below. Your information will be kept private and not shared.