This page is to join our group as a member. If you just have feedback, questions, or would like to help, select the contact button at the very bottom of this page.

We’d love to have you serve with us in any number of ways.

New to politics or a PAC? You are not alone. Many new people are getting involved for change and freedom EVERY SINGLE DAY. We work together as a team.

What can I do?

We all have different skills and amounts of time, so we do what we are good at individually. Help a little or a lot. We are powerful force together. Someday you can tell your family how you fought for FREEDOM. Below are just some ways you can get involved.

  • Attending meetings with the group when able
  • Participating in action plans and events
  • Offering ideas on how to implement changes
  • Promoting our group to others
  • Making copies of flyers
  • Adding to content for the website or newsletters
  • Suggesting good books to read or articles
  • Outreach with community members and next generations
  • Educating others on what the truth of our cause is – not what the media and naysayers wrongly portray
  • Meeting with local officials or making phone calls to voice our stance
  • Doing research
  • Getting involved with local school leaders and boards
  • Standing up for our rights at peaceful rallies
  • Constantly pushing for our values and our voices to be respected and heard. We cannot afford to be a silent majority anymore.
  • Helping each other and dividing tasks to accomplish great things

Change takes more than just talk. We will keep pushing and working collectively. We will support each other through challenges. It can be emotional. Our basic FREEDOMS and free CHOICES are on the line. We won’t let our country fall to immorality and ineffective, weak policies or let our constitution erode.

There are two ways to be a part of MCCWC:

 $35 Annual Member

Includes: general events, resources, networking, gatherings.

You’re allowed to upgrade to a $100 Membership at any time to become more involved and receive more benefits.

$100 Annual Member:

Includes: All of the general member-only communication, private VIP events, newsletter, and the joy of knowing you’re making a difference