There are two very bad ballot proposals for November 8. We must ALL vote NO on these. They are radical and dangerous for Michigan. They will make Michigan the most radical abortion state in the nation. Millions more babies’ lives will be lost. Millions more women will have their lives negatively altered by the effects of abortion if the “Reproductive Freedom for All” Proposal passes. It’s a very misleading title, as usual. You must read and learn what is in this. It isn’t just about abortion. It REMOVES parental RIGHTS, too. See below for all the laws that it would eliminate if passed.

Another ballot proposal is the Right to Voting Policies Amendment. Again, tricky wording by the Democrats. This would eliminate the required VOTER ID, allow for ballot drop boxes, allow for early voting, would allow money to flow into county clerk’s offices opening the door for questionable activities surrounding elections. It would open the door to even LESS SECURE elections than we already have! We must vote NO on this. The wording is tricky and meant to confuse you. Don’t be FOOLED! They are trying to make cheating even easier for them.

The above link will offer handouts you can print and pass out. Take some, give to friends, family, neighbors. Spread the word. It’s very radical.


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