Saturday, October 29  Pop-Up Sign Rally

Location: Corner by the big Weathervane and Montague Foods parking lot in Montague, Michigan

Date: Saturday, October 29, 2022

10 am to 1 pm

** It would be amazing to have a huge crowd here to combat the nonsense from the radical Left. Bring your sign or make one against these tyrannical props on the ballot. We need all conservatives on board! The Left will keep pushing false information and trying to brainwash the populous about these props because they are confused themselves. Come, help educate those who will go to the ballots. Even a few changed minds is progress.


In Biden’s demonic “red speech,” many are comparing to something of a Hitler speech with the marines in the back and the red lights, he labeled all conservatives and those against him as enemies of the Republic or “Democracy,” as they like to call it.

People need to DEMAND that our Republican representatives back up conservatives everywhere and speak out against this ridiculous and demonic resident who took over the White House and our country. This is completely unacceptable for an American president to speak to half the nation at least and call them names, label them inappropriately, and attempt to divide the country once again while shaking his fists in the air and yelling like a deranged lunatic.

There are calls to action all over. We cannot let this be the norm or acceptable behavior from a president. The PEOPLE rule this nation. The federal government is there to protect our freedoms, not ridicule those who disagree with them or go after them by weaponizing agencies in the United States. This is the closest we’ve been to having a dictator in this nation. If we don’t stand up now, it may soon be too late. It’s now or never. They are trying everything in their ability to remove our personal protections, arming IRS agents, taxing us to death, sexualizing and grooming kids, and trying to bring us to our knees by starvation, desperation, depression, or confusion.

They can ignore a few people, but cannot ignore a unified mass. We need to be that mass. We cannot afford to just let someone else do it while we go to a soccer game. We must take responsibility for our nation and futures. The globalists are a big force, but we are BIGGER! They know if they divide us, they have more power. We will never get all of the brainwashed to wake up, but we must take it upon ourselves to save this nation. The brainwashed will walk with blind eyes and deaf ears, but the conservatives will save this nation.

Write, petition, march, and make your voices heard before we aren’t allowed to have a voice or choice.


Schools need YOU to get involved however you can. Do not be afraid to stand up for your kids, pull your kids if need be or desired to home school, or speak out at school board meetings. If you don’t, who will?

Our kids are powerless in school and must obey and sit through all the crap they are pushing on them. Many times they will be too afraid of the peer pressure to conform. Give your kids your support. Have conversations with them to give them a secure and strong foundation of values. Teach them and discuss situations of today and your beliefs with reasons why. They will surely be getting a different perspective in school. Don’t let the school be the only voice they hear.

We have learned time and time again that the only thing these entities care about is money and power. Your kids equal money to them. Our kids are being used and abused in every which way right now. Their bodies are being forced with shots that really aren’t needed for them. Their minds are being twisted into not even following the basics of science. God is removed from the picture and not allowed. Multiple genders are taking priority over everything else, but our kids struggle in reading and math. The left’s answer is a drag queen reading hour.

Think seriously about running for school board positions, PTO positions, volunteering in classrooms. Enlist and support other conservatives you know to do the same. Together we can do this, but it HAS to be now and it has to be a joint effort with all of us. We simply cannot afford to be lazy anymore!


Just when we thought masks would go away, the left and their WOKE MOB keep trying to bring them back, exaggerating a long, dead pandemic to the extreme. It’s over. They just love their oppressive masks too much and use them as a political tool on those who don’t know any better. I’d love to say we’re out of danger from these shots too, but many are not. Companies may still be forcing, universities are forcing on youth and staff, and the medical facilities are forcing with no regard for personal choice or human rights. We still can’t go to the dentist, doctor, hospital without a useless mask. It must end. We can make it end.

When you discover one of these companies, please contact them in some form to let them know why you won’t support them. The only way these businesses learn is when it hurts financially.

If you go to the bottom of each company’s website, there are usually links and there is probably one for CONTACT. Click on it to get the email or phone. Get writing and boycotting these. Until it hurts their bottom line, they will continue the mandates. We MUST help others in their need, because someday we may also be in need. Whether you chose to get the shots or not is irrelevant. This is about CHOICE. This is about the government not being able to push forward the passports they’ll then use for a social credit system that will TOTALLY control your life.

DISNEY – write Disney, cancel Disney+ or stop buying Disney products until they stop grooming our children for their agenda. They are a theme park and there for entertainment purposes not to push a political and sex agenda on families and kids. Send them a message with your pocketbook.

NETFLIX – they have many, many questionable shows with disgusting, pornographic content they merge into their shows sometimes after you get to the third or fourth episode and are “hooked.” Turn it off, cancel it. Let them go broke. Read a book instead or listen to music or just choose other shows. Write them and let them know how you feel.

Target has joined the woke mob, or re-emerged. It started years ago when it allowed biological men to go in the women’s bathrooms with no regard for how that made actual women feel. Women’s privacy was violated as well as their safety. Boycotts began then. Time passed. Now they are at it again filling their stores with rainbow everything in support of LGBTQ. It’s as if that is all that matters is that lifestyle. There are no heterosexual t-shirts, earrings, bags, etc. But really none of it is necessary anyway, because it’s personal and private as it should be. Now to push it further, Target is selling girls’ and women’s underwear with penis bulges in it for the Trans people. They are selling compression bras and shirts for the Trans to hide breasts. Target just doesn’t seem satisfied just being a store selling useful products. Instead it is bent on being a socially demented organization pushing a viewpoint that is offensive to some, disregards real women and is predatory to children. Do your best to boycott this WOKE company.