If not US, then who? If not NOW, then when?  RIGHT NOW is the time for change.

  • Do you have a little or a lot of time to serve?
  • Do you want to see positive change in Michigan that benefits everyone?
  • Have you had enough of heavy-handed government officials who do not listen?
  • Do you want FREE choice and smaller government?
  • Do you want your voice back and the censorship to stop?
  • Do you want to support conservative values and candidates who do as well?


  • Who do you know who needs a nudge? Get out there and encourage someone to register to vote if not already registered.
  • Encourage hunters who may not be around for the election to get in their absentee ballots. This is a big conservative demographic that needs to get out there and vote more.
  • Do you know people at your church who think it’s not important to vote? Tell them it IS important to vote.
  • Do you have voting-age kids who are conservatively-minded who might need encouraging and a bit of education to go out and vote. Voting the first time can be a little intimidating. Tell them what to expect, what a ballot looks likes, the steps to fill it out or how to submit an absentee ballot.
  • Do you know elderly adults who may need help being informed or getting to the polls? Offer to give them a ride or make sure they fill out their AB.

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