This site above offers a resource to get a free televisit with a doctor to get treatment early for Covid-19. The doctors volunteer their time and do prescribe the meds that others won’t. The hitch is they get a lot of demand and can only accept so many free patients a day.

The above article discusses the importance of early treatment and references the site.

The above site takes you to America’s Frontline Doctors where you can sign up to get a televisit doctor appointment. The process is fairly easy. You go to the site, go to the covid treatment page. You’ll sign up to get a televisit and take a survey. Televisits are $90. You’ll get an email or text notifying you about when the doctor will call. The calls are short. Make sure to ask your questions while you have him/her on the phone. He/She will ask you some questions and inquire about symptoms or no symptoms, whether you’ve had the shots, how many people in your family, and whether you’d like HCQ or Ivermectin. Ask questions about both so you’re informed. They’ll ask your preferred pharmacy, but if it won’t prescribe, they’ll send to one that will and you’ll receive meds in the mail pretty quickly. They will prescribe even if you don’t have covid but if exposed. This is good to have on hand so if you do get covid, you can start the treatment immediately and not waste time. The meds are not that cheap and they do not take insurance, but it’s worth it if it avoids a hospital stay or getting very sick. Expect meds to run about $100-$175 depending on what you get. They may try to include vitamin C or D which you may already have. Just get what you need.