Below link discusses a bill trying to move through that will protect cash purchases.

You can get a free televisit with a doctor (only accept so many patients a day) to get early covid treatment. They have extremely high success rate.

Great site for information on what to do about mandates and how to get involved – includes a PDF of a cease and desist letter drafted by doctors & lawyers



– US Retired Navy Surgeon discusses vaccine

– Immunologist regrets voting for Biden – says vaccine mandates are draconian, mentions an ongoing lawsuit against MSU by a student

– California police officer decides to quit his job over vaccine mandate after serving 30 years, says he’s not the only one

– Washington State firefighter joins group lawsuit against state forcing him to get the jab or lose his livelihood.

– Tennessee mayor refuses to comply with vaccine mandates

-Newark, New Jersey firefighters, police, first responders push back against vaccine mandates

-Nurses in California react and protest against mandates; health care system despite nursing shortage says they will continue to comply

– NYC teachers protest and fight back for medical freedom; do not believe this is about health

-Protest at the Michigan Capitol against mandates

-More than 1,000 Oklahomans react to vaccine mandates

– Vaccine mandate protest in Jacksonville, Florida

– Governor Whitmer backs off slightly on mask mandates, but still leaves it up to liberal districts who aren’t listening to parents

-Sen. Shirkey calls out Whitmer in a lie

-Whitmer says she isn’t basing her decisions on politics, but science. She says Michigan is turning a corner. What do you think?

– Whitmer goes to Florida after telling Michiganders to stay home